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Play Counter Kill Game

Counter Kill

In Counter Kill, you must fight your way through 3 intense levels to find a stolen priceless relic! Sho...

Play Alien Invader Game

Alien Invader

SOS!!! We've crashed on Earth! My mission to save my friend alien from these horrible people begins.

Play Nightstick Game


Nightstick is a action shooter where the player can play missions , where he is a bodyguard and have to...

Play Ultimate Target 2 Game

Ultimate Target 2

You are a soldier of the elite anti-terrorist squad and your mission is to eliminate all terrorist.

Play Defense Is Duty Game

Defense Is Duty

Defend yourself from waves of military assault!

Play Ben10 Armored Attack 2 Game

Ben10 Armored Attack 2

Play as Ben10 in your Armored Truck and race down the ramps, crush and shoot down aliens to take them o...

Play Bow Shooting Game

Bow Shooting

Hit all of the targets before the time runs out in this tricky archery challenge!

Play Hitstick 6 Game

Hitstick 6

Be the assassin in Hitstick 6. Use clever disguises, customize your weapons and use stealth modes to id...

Play Joe Vs Armageddon Vengeance Game

Joe Vs Armageddon Vengeance

In the game there are 6 large levels with different number of gates that must be protected and a swarm ...

Play Zomgies 2 Game

Zomgies 2

Ultimate Zombie Carnage.

Play Zombie King Game

Zombie King

Be a zombie king and throw stones to kill other monster enemies! You can design your own levels through...

Play Endless War 6 Game

Endless War 6

The endless war series continues! Control your tank and destroy the enemy!

Play Warzone World War 2 Game

Warzone World War 2

Shoot the enemy soldiers as they pop out from behind cover on multiple levels. Be accurate!

Play Redriot Game


RedRiot - combines intense action-focused gameplay with high production values and replayability. Takin...

Play Rajni Minds It Game

Rajni Minds It

RajniCan shoots at the local baddies on your behalf in his own style!

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